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AB King Pro

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AB King Pro in Pakistan The Ab King Pro is designed to give you flat, sexy, rock-hard abs faster and easier than any other product on the market. Other machines only give you a 90-degree range of motion, but the Ab King Pro's secret is its astonishing 200-degree range of motion that targets your upper, lower, middle abs and obliques all at once, on the way up and down. In just 3 minutes a day (combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet) you'll tighten your stomach and reduce those love handles in DAYS, not months!   AB King Pro Features The Ab King Pro offers proper neck and back support, keeping you in perfect form It offers you different ranges of motions for different levels of resistance. It is perfect for every fitness level; it has levels for the beginner to the most fit exercise buff. It folds for easy storage under your bed. It has a fully adjustable sturdy frame, thick padding for superior support and a Rolling wheel action, that allows for a smooth consistent motion.

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