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Air Press Massager

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Air Press Massager Pakistan

Air Press Massager Pakistan Massage Boots gently squeeze and release the muscles in your
thighs, calves, ankles and feet – providing a soothing massage and fast relief from fatigue,
swelling, stiffness and sore muscles. These boots improve lower-body circulation and help
pump blood back to your heart. Easy-to-adjust Velcro® closures for a custom fit. Ideal for
people with limited mobility or diabetes. Regular fits thighs up to 23″. X-Large fits thighs
up to 33″. Both fit calves up to 16″.

Weight Loss with Air Press Massager

No medicine, no injections, rapid weight loss, physical slimming, no rebound.
Instantly slims and shapes your figure for flattening and confident silhouette
Comfortable materials let your skin breath freely

How to Use Air Press Massager

Slip it on each leg and thigh like a custom pair of boots. Activate them with handy electric
controller by pressing the Power Button and then the UP & DOWN Buttons to adjust the massage
level to your own comfort. You will feel each chamber fill up with air, making the boots expand
and contract with a soothing massaging action.

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