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Easy Feet Cleanser

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Easy Feet Cleanser in Pakistan

Easy Feet Cleanser in Pakistan is best for Your feet often one of the dirtiest parts of your body, primarily because they are difficult
to clean and they are enclosed in socks and shoes for most parts of the day. Attempting to clean your feet while in the shower can be a problem, especially if you have poor balance or stiff joints that make bending over difficult or painful. Easy Feet is a new product that allows you to clean your feet while in the bath or shower without having to bend over and manually scrub your feet. This makes
your feet easy to clean and easy to maintain because you can simply wash your feet thoroughly each time you bath.

How Easy Feet Cleanser Works

Easy feet uses a very simple design which allows you to easily and effectively clean your feet each time you are in the shower or bathtub. The basic design is a sandal platform that is coated with over 1000 cleaning bristles on the top, side and bottom. The back of the platform includes a pumice stone which grinds away dead skin cells on your heels. The bottom of the Easy Feet incorporates suction cups which
allow them to be mounted on virtually any surface including the wall, floor and side of your shower or bathtub.

The Easy Feet is allowed to soak while soap and other cleaning agents are then poured onto the top. The soap then seeps into the other areas, allowing for a good lather that will clean your feet quite effectively. You simply move your foot in and out as well as side to side which stimulates cleaning action and ensures you get all parts of your foot. The product is able to clean between your toes, which are often the toughest region to keep clean on your feet. The product is also able to provide a light foot massage when you’re using it, which stimulates blood vessels keeping your feet in perfect
shape and health.

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