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Kitchen Star Juicer

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Kitchen Star Juicer Pakistan | Kitchen Star Juicer Price Pakistan

Are you tired of heavy juicers and grinder machines those consume more electricity and provide you less results. You try to work fast for save time and energy due to loadshedding etc. You buy Heavy juicers, grinders for multiple functions but you have to buy seprate machines for each operation which is much expensive sometime. Moreover If you want to go out for some picnic you have to prepare shakes at home. You can't take Juicers with you because those juicers works on electricity only. Moreover these Juicers are heavy. Therefor We are providing you Kitchen Star Juicer in less price and with more functions. Kitchen Star Juicer is handy and easy to use. Only you have to rotate, rotate and rotate the side handle and you will get Fresh juice, Dry Fruit Grinding and Fresh Mince. You can take it with you anywhere and can enjoy fresh juices every time. Kitchen Star Features

Kitchen Star Juicer

Kitchen Star can be used as juicer. You can get fresh and pure juice anytine anywhere. No tension for its usage or its power. Run it with your own hands and get fresh juice everytime. You can compare Kitchen Star Juicer with other heavy and expensive juicers. After Getting Juice from Kitchen Star compare its remaining pulp with heavy juicer machine pulp. You can check its result using a tissue. Place both pulp on tissue and you will notice that Pulp of heavy juicer machine is wet and contain large amount of juice in it. While Pulp you get from Kitchen Star when you will place it on tissue. You will see the difference. This pulp is fully dry. Kitchen Star wring whole amount of juice from the fruit.  

Kitchen Star Grinder

Kitchen Star is also can be use as grinder. You can grind your desired items like dry fruits, almonds, coconut, Dry Chilli, Biscuits etc. For Using Kitchen Star as grinder just replace Juicer part with grinder and start crushing and enjoy hand grinder. No worry of power failure or heavy power consumption.  

Kitchen Star Mincer

Yes you read right. Kitchen Star is best handy juicer you can use as mincer too. To use Kitchen Star for mincer purpose just replace existing part with mincer part. And job done. Insert meat from upper side, press it and start rotating its side handle. Meat will be start converting into fine mince within no time. You will get pure meat mince no piece of wood you will see in it. With Kitchen Star Mincer you can mince, Chicken, Mutton, Beef and fish too. All above mentioned features are included in Kitchen Star Juicer in Pakistan. You can buy this amazing product with home delivery service all over Pakistan. This product is Best for all kitchens. You will definitely find it the best than other available machines in your kitchen.

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