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Laptop Table With Cooling Pad Pakistan


Laptop Table with cooling Pad Pakistan. Its fans powered by USB, excellent cooling performance USB interface (USB cable included) Adjustable Height Cup tray, mouse pad design Perfect for sofa, bed, car, floor or elsewhere when using notebook, reading, writing, eating or drawing Desk made of high quality plastic with a mouse platform Wide application, can not only be used as a cooler, but also as a laptop /reading table in family and school, in an office and a car and travel. Features Easy setup within seconds Foldable in desk and legs, small in volume, easy to take Suitable for all size notebook Legs adjustable to any comfortable angles when in use  

Laptop Table Specification:

Weight: 1.52KG Main Desk Dimension: 315mm * 280mm * 36.1mm Leg adjustable height range: 0–310mm Cooling base adjustable angle range: 0–70° Fan speed: 2500R/M Fan power supply: USB 5V Power Capacity Max Loading 15kgs, Dimension 285 x 316 x 36 mm Color: White Package includes: 1 PCS DESK,1 PCS USB CABLE,1 PCS User manual

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