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Magic Hose

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Magic Hose Pipe Pakistan

Magic Hose Pipe 75 Feet Price : 1500/-PKR Magic Hose Pipe 100 Feet Price : 2000/-PKR
Innovation is almost like a blessing endowed upon us. It works so brilliantly in making our life easier and better. As Seen on TV presents Magic Hose Pipe Pakistan. If you are tired from ordinary water pipes which create trouble during watering in your garden or during washing your car. Then its time to exchange your water pipe with Magic Hose Pipe. Magic Hose Pipe will prove its value at first time of use. It could be used anytime and anywhere. You can walk in your whole garden during watering plants and you will never face any difficulty from Magic Hose Pipe. It will adjusts automatically. And after watering it converts to its original shape. No need to waster hours for folding it. This product Magic Hose Pipe brings to you a perfect solution for watering plants in your beautiful garden or home in the most effective and efficient way. This product includes a magic hose – stretch elastic water hose which proves to be twist free and forms no tangles or kink when being used or moved in different direction. Plus, it has a special ability of contracting itself to its original position which makes it consume less space and is easily adjustable in small places.rnrn

Magic Hose Pipe Features

High Quality Product Twist free, tangle free, kink free Expands up to 15m of its length and contracts back instantly Extremely lightweight Durable, reliable all hose Includes easy release connectors Make watering easy & hassle free With 7 functions spray gun and quick version connector Excellent value for money

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