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Perfect Pore Cleanser

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Perfect Pore Cleanser Pakistan

Perfect Pore Cleanser Pakistan (Facial Kit) is perfect solution for clean, clear and fair skin. No Blackheads,
No Pimples, No Dark Circles, No Wrinkles. Power Perfect Pore is easy to operate. It Cleans & Clears the skin
in short time. It increases your skin glow and cleans skin pore from blackheads. Blackheads are main cause of
skin problems, But now you can remove blackheads at home without any tension. After blackheads removal you will
see your skin has become soft and Fair.

Perfect Pore Cleanser Pakistan Features :

• Ergonomically designed suction cup. Removes black heads without hurting your skin with hard squeezing.
• Face Suction Cup Cleans pores and black heads from your skin by its suction technology.
• Contour Massager tones face muscles, stimulate blood vessels and thus improve blood circulation.
• Cleaning Sponge Helps you to spread facial cream evenly on your face to get maximum benefits of it.
• Exfoliation Brush with mist function renews skin by removal of dead cells of face and makes your skin glow.
• Discover cleaner, clearer Skin in just weeks.
• Powerful suction without squeezing or pulling skin.
• Easy & handy to operate
• Operating by 2 X AA Size Battery

How To Buy Perfect Pore Cleanser Online

To Buy Perfect Pore Cleanser Online Fill the order form and hit place order. Or you can call or sms us at
0300-9533102. We will provide delivery at your door step.


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