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Rechargeable Shaver Q788

Price: 1250/- PKR

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Rechargeable Shaver in Pakistan | Rechargeable Shaver Price in Pakistan

Rechargeable Shaver in Pakistan is best shaving product. You can shave easily at home with Kemei Rechargeable Shaver. No worry of cut and skin damage.

How to Use Rechargeable Shaver

Press Switch Button to start shaver. Rapidly move the shaver back and fort against the growing direcion of beard. The shaving is the best when the face is dry so please shave before or some time after the face washing. It will take some time for your skin to get used to the KemeiShaving device. Hair on the neck can also be shaving this way. Press the switch to turn off the shaver.  

Temples Knife

Temples Knife Used to trim the hair on the temples on both sides of the beard and general beard. Open razor, up to promote hair knife switch, temples can be used out of sword.

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